Real-time concentration-based, espresso profiler.

This is a really new coffee innovation.

Belkafilter is just a portafilter. 
Also, it is a measuring device that shows more than 11 indicators with four sensors. 
Try extracting coffee as usual. 
The belkafilter automatically detects the extraction and stores the extraction log and tells you how consistently it is being extracted.

before, after


Bottomless portafilter, TDS refractometer, temperature PID system... there were innovations for best, consistent extraction.

However, so far, there has been no direct measurement of the actual extraction from the filter basket and below it.


Belkafilter is the world's first product to measure the actual extraction directly from the filter basket and below it and show it in real time. Without interrupting or blocking the extraction flow.

Belkafilter allows different people to communicate on a single quantitative basis about the different extraction processes of different machines.

❊ Belkafilter is compatible with many machines, including Faema, La Marzocco, Kees Van Der Western, Slayer, and Synesso. Please check the compatibility page.

Sensor location, Measurement technology

Filter pressure sensor  is located outside of the basket. To measure the pressure without blocking the extraction flow, the Belka team developed a completely new technology. The belkafilter measures the pressure inside the basket through the expansion of the basket for the first time in the world.

Filter temperature sensor is located on the outer side of the basket. The Belka team devised a new method to obtain meaningful information from the temperature of the coffee puck without interfering with the extraction. Belkafilter estimates the uniformity of the extraction water flow from the temperature at the puck rim.

Coffee concentration seneor and Coffee temperature sensor  are located near the outlet of the lower cap. To measure real-time concentration changes without blocking the extraction flow, the Belka team has developed a completely new method. Belkafilter measures conductivity by inducing flow for the first time in the world, which estimates real-time concentration changes in coffee being extracted.

Bluetooth scale can be connected to the belka app. The flow rate and weight can be measured and recorded together. 

❊ Currently, only some models of ACAIA are compatible, and other scales will be compatible soon.

The Structure of Belkafilter

There is no problem if the head of the belkafilter is submerged.

Precision sensors are installed in the filter basket, preventing the user from removing the filter basket. Therefore, there is an openable lid at the bottom of the portafilter to clean the filter and the sensor.

The belkafilter must be used by connecting the display device. Tablet PC or smartphone. They are connected by Bluetooth 4.0.

The belkafilter is battery powered and wirelessly connected. Charge with the USB-C.


Compatible with so many machines
IMS, VST filter basket

Waterproof (Charging part excluded)
Shock resistance

StainlessFood grade silicon

Openable lower lid

Android, IOS App
KC Certified

Bluetooth Scale Connection
Scale stand